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                             jUNKO BEAT

is a  funky dance jamtronic band. The band is led by New Orleans  drummer composer Chris lacinak. Chris' band has performed at the Louisiana Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans Area Clubs and toured the Northeast , southeast and western U.S. Regions.





 Chris Lacinak (drums , keys, composer) is the composer and leader of Junko Beat. Drawing from his New Orleans roots rhythm he has sculpted an eclectic direction in today's modern music. From classical/romantic , funk, jazz and life experience the compositions have evolved over time.  A musical journey of soul,  spirit and release. 

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Will Snowden  ( Electric Cello ) Will expresses  the lyrical and  haunting melodies with a passion and gives direction to the hypnotic journey.  He also contributes inspired energetic solos.




Juan Soto-Bown (Bass)
joined Junko Beat this Year bringing inspiration and excellent musical abilities.  Juan Is also a composer, improviser, and producer in New Orleans with a background in a variety of instruments and digital environments.

                        SPECIAL GUEST
            Who  Appear on recordings 



Segeunon Kone ( Jembe)

Drummer from the Ivory Coast, Africa  made the Crescent City home in 2008. Prior to moving to New Orleans, Segeunon played and performed around the world with the National Ballet of the Ivory Coast. He began  at the age of 14. His fresh infusion of African sensibility, direct from the source, is a welcome addition to Junko Beat. 

Trea Martinez (Vocals) 

 Trea is a guest performer with the group. She sang on Junko Beat's premier Debut release JAMKRONIC.

She also participated in the recording of SATIRIFUNK  contributing back up vocals and The Spoken word poem  on VOYAGE TO GOLD AND GREEN.


Dave Easley  (Pedal Steel)

 Dave is one of the most sought after musicians in New Orleans and beyond. He brings his unique soloing and sounds to the band with storytelling adventures. His interpretation of Rising Lotus on JB's new release SATIRIFUNK leads you to believe your listening to a sitar.



Jane Brody (Vocals)
Jane, an  immeasurable talent and energy . Her vocals and attitude fit just right for the recording of SATIRIFUNK. She is a songwriter/ performer in her own right.

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